Microprogram in Survey Research and Public Opinion

With my colleague Daniel Stockemer, we will launch in Spring 2023 a microprogram in survey research and public opinion. 

The microprogram consists of a two courses sequence (Survey Research and Methods & Survey Data Analysis) that will involve students in all the necessary stages required to undertake a public opinion survey, from the selection of topics, to the development of survey questions, their programming, analysis, and their public communication. A core component of the program is for students to design and analyze a real survey that will be administered by a survey research company. The microprogram in Survey Research and Public Opinion is available to M.A. and Ph.D. students, and to professionals working particularly in the fields of civil service, public policy, and market research. 

In the first edition of the program in May 2023, the two courses will be offered as a “Summer School Programme” over two consecutive weeks. 

You may visit the University of Ottawa program page for more information on the admission and program requirements.

Please get in touch with me if this program interests you!